We know that buying and selling real estate can be daunting. That is why it is our goal to make this experience a friendly and pleasurable experience for all our clients.

By providing accurate and up-to-date information, skilled analysis and sound real estate advice, we aim to be the Real Estate company of choice for discerning buyers and sellers in Hout Bay, Llandudno and throughout the Atlantic Seaboard towards the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

Our unwavering commitment to providing excellent service ensures that our client's needs always come first. Building long-term mutually beneficial client relationships are extremely important to us and it drives us to look after our client's best interest in every transaction. Trust is built over time and we have earned our client's trust.

We are driven by our passion for property. 25 years of experience selling property in Hout Bay & Llandudno has given us unparalleled local industry expertise and a cutting-edge advantage over our competitors.

We understand that a high service standard is what clients are looking for and what ultimately earns their loyalty. Therefore we believe that by building our business on a tradition of trust, it will continue to thrive for generations to come.

We prefer to work on honest and clear mandates

An agency will only be interested in spending considerable amounts of its resources to market your property if there is a sole mandate in place. Why? Because only then can they rest assured that they will be reimbursed for their time, effort and funds expended, in the form of an agent's commission once the property sells.

When it comes to selling property, the saying "too many cooks spoil the broth" rings truer than ever. Consider this scenario: You invite 10 agents to sell your property and each of these agents places an advertisement to attract buyers.

Naturally, as each agent has their own idea of which angles show off your property best, the photographs on all these advertisements will differ, along with the text. And where does this leave you? With a confused buyer who can't tell if the house on page 2 is the same one that is featured on page 6.

Send out the right message - one of exactness and exclusivity - to buyers.

A sole mandate ensures consistent, accurate and structured marketing and promotion to the buying public and takes away the headache of discrepancies regarding price, fixtures etc.

Your chosen agent will have negotiating experience and, in the event of two or more offers being presented, they've got the skills to advise you on how to proceed in order to achieve the highest price for your property. You will therefore definitely benefit from having just one agent who controls all incoming offers.

Estate agents work with a common pool of buyers. As we undertake to distribute marketing to all the Hout Bay agencies and share the commission with any agency that finds a suitable buyer, it is highly unlikely that you will lose out on a deal by appointing a sole agent to oversee the marketing and selling of your home.

Open mandates on the other hand, usually simply go onto an internal list. No marketing funds are expended to boost your property's exposure. The race is on for a "quick, low offer" and the property is likely to be abused as a springboard to sell other agents Sole Mandates.

There will be no tracking of which buyers have been through your property, therefore duplicate viewings. The seller will avoid a double commission dispute.




First and foremost, we need to let everyone know your property is on the market. A sign to this effect will be placed outside your home within 48 hours.

CORPORATE Advertising

Your property will be featured in weekly full-colour advertisements in Corporate Section of the Weekend Argus.

DIRECT Advertising

Your property will be displayed in our office window and printed hand-outs will be given to prospective buyers and distributed through our selective and segmented comprehensive database and network built over 30 years in business.

VIDEO Advertising

A video of your property will be displayed on websites and sent to all prospective buyers and potential investors in our substantial client database.


Where needed, we will do a virtual tour of your property, which will be displayed on websites. This technology saves a lot of time by enabling potential purchasers to virtually "walk" through properties. These tours are of particular value to interested non-resident or up-country buyers.


We will maximise the exposure of your property to all other Hout Bay agencies by having an "Open Hour" at a time that suits you. This gives other agencies the opportunity to view your home, so they can bring it to the attention of their prospective buyers. An Open Hour also affords your mandated agency the opportunity to gather input from other agents regarding listing and potential sale price, as well as positive and/or negative features they think may influence the same.


We will arrange to show your house on Sunday afternoons, should this be convenient for you.


www.lolakramer.com and every major portal with over 100 selective syndicated partners. The Internet is one of the most powerful marketing tools, yet we understand that it is not possible for one website to effectively reach all search terms and phrases.


National newspapers and magazines.


We have featured in Top Billing representing Cape Town as well as having featured no less than five mandated properties on television for exclusive marketing.


ABC for Life - NGO initiated by Lola Kramer.


ABC For Life is a Hout Bay community-based literacy programme, initiated by Lola Kramer and Val Toledo.


We teach illiterate children (who have fallen behind in the school system) the basic tools necessary for everyday life: speaking, reading and writing.


We are based at Sentinel Intermediate School in Hout Bay, where children often struggle to keep up, due to large classes and a lack of qualified teachers. We also reach out to street children and teach them to read and write, in order to reintegrate them back into the mainstream education system.


Our main goal is to give these children a better chance at a bright future.


As our name suggests, the program aims to change illiterate or semi-literate people into people who are competent and confident in speaking, reading and writing English.

We aim to change frustrated students into independent life-long learners.